CouchTuner – Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Online for Free


CouchTuner is a website that provides download services for movie lovers. CouchTuner is a website that is actually more like a portal that serves as a home of movies and TV series for thousands of people. Some people see this website as an amazing website that rocks while some people care about the authenticity of the movie streaming website.

CouchTuner - Watch Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

This website is a brilliant portal with an enormous collection of movies and TV shows which you can download for free. You can also stream them for free. Without having to register or carry out any task, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows for free on this website. Keep reading to know more about this movie download platform.

Is CouchTuner Authentic

Many people will want to ask the question if the website is legal. While some people only care about the website giving them exactly what they want, others will really bother if the site is legal before they will want to visit the site or download anything from the site.  For those concerned about the legality of the site, the site is not legal. CouchTuner republishes copyright-protected contents without seeking the approval of the original owner which is an illegal thing.

CouchTuner’s original domain has been blocked, but if you are still very interested in the streaming services they offer, you can visit any of their sub-domain. The sub-domain offers almost the same movies as the original domain which was blocked. Hence, if you are interested in the movies that are offered by the website, you can just visit their sub-domain.

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Sub-domain of CouchTuner

If you want the movies that are offered by this website, written below are the sub-domain of the website:

  • Couchtuner eu

sites like CouchTuner

there are other sites that are exactly like CouchTuner, so if you really miss this site, you can take a look at these other sites. These sites offer similar movies like CouchTuner. Below is the list of both free and paid alternatives of CouchTuner.

CouchTurner Alternative (paid)

We are listing below websites that offer the same movies as CouchTuner. These websites we are about to mention have good features, some of which are:

  • they offer more movies and TV shows than CouchTuner.
  • These websites offer legal movies and TV shows, unlike CouchTuner.
  • The paid websites listed below are free from malware.

Listed below are the paid websites of CouchTuner alternatives:

1. Hulu

Hulu is a legal movie website. This website has a massive collection of movies and also TV shows although they are not free. Without having any fear of copyright infringement issues or malware software, you can stream movies and TV shows here on this platform. The website features two main packages that you have to subscribe to in order to enjoy all the movies that they offer. The packages that you have to subscribe to includes “Limited Commercials” which costs $7.99 monthly and “No Commercial” plan which costs $11.99 monthly. The two plans let you add SHOWTIME and you also get to enjoy lots of legal movies and TV shows. The plans also include full series, Hulu original series, top cable series, kids programming, and lots more which are all exclusive.

2. Netflix

This is another very good website to stream and download legal movies and TV shows. The website offers different movies of various genres. They are better than CouchTuner when it comes to movies and TV shows availability. The website provides an extensive catalog of TV shows and movies more than any other streaming services and has 118 subscribers worldwide. The platform features three different packages that users must subscribe to in order to enjoy the services they offer. The basic package is $7.99, the standard package for $9.99, and the premium package is $11.95. once you have subscribed to any of the packages, you can stream TV shows, documentaries, and movies. The website also shows in-house produced TV series and movies.

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CouchTuner Alternative (free)

Written below are the alternatives of CouchTuner which you can download or stream for free. You do not need to pay a dime to access and download any of the files available on these platforms unlike the ones listed above:

1. Rainierland

This is a website that has lots of movies and TV shows and also a good interface. Rainierland has a huge TV series and movie database that they offer for free of charge. Movies on this website are of high quality. On an occasional basis, it takes a while before movies or TV shows load up on this website. One disadvantage of the website is the pop-up ads which are detrimental to the user experience.

2. PutLockers

This website has one of the largest movie and TV series libraries which they offer for free. The main domain of the website is currently down but there are Live sub-domain. This website provides copyrighted content and its user interface is very neat. When you get your cursor over the movie or TV show, you can get information about the movie. The website is fast when it comes to updating their portal with the latest released movies and TV shows. The disadvantage of this website is that to use the website, you are required to create an account in order to stream videos on the portal. The platform records 15 million users in a month and the number increases every day.

3. MoviesJoy

This is a free video streaming website. MoviesJoy offers thousands of free movies and TV shows. The website features a good user interface which makes navigating the website very easy. The website also does not have any ads. You will find the latest movies uploaded on the homepage. You will see the details about the movie when you click on the movie or TV show thumbnail. Although this website is more of TV series than movies, the website has 4 million visitors monthly and a large collection of files.

4. StreamLikers

This is actually a new movie streaming website that has been around for a long time. The website has a vast collection of interesting TV shows and movies. You can use a VPN or try other options listed in this article if you cannot access the website from your country. The category and search bar of the website are well arranged and the website also has a clear interface. You will not find any movie or TV shows stored on StreamLikers, unlike most movie streaming sites. It’s third parties provide the contents. The website has over 1 million users monthly from USA and UK.

5. FMovies

This website has a vast collection of Movies and TV shows and offers great movies since its inception. The website also features a good interface. The main domain of the website has been blocked but the website has lots of sub-domain that still offers great services. Movies from this website are well categorized and are presented in HD quality. This website is a network of movie streaming sites that offer content for free.

6. Sony Crackle

This website is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment and the website offers legal movies for free. This platform provides a wide range of free TV shows and movies. The movies and TV shows the website offers are free from copyright issues. Sony allows all devices that can access the internet to access their websites, unlike most streaming websites that restrict the devices that can access their platform. Ads are available on this website and you might probably be needing a VPN to unblock and access movies on Sony Crackle.

7. Tubi

This website offers free legal movies to its users. This website can be accessed with almost any device and you do not need to input your credit card details or fill out any survey. You can register on the website although it is not compulsory but if you register, you can resume videos you were not able to complete before you left the site. You can access it from any part of the world and also it is important to know that the site features pop-up adds.

8. 123moviesHub

This website has been tagged as the world’s most illegal movie streaming website. The original 123movies website has been shut down but there are many other Live websites available that still bear the name. 123moviesHub is one of the Live websites that bear the name of the original website. The website also offers original movies like 123movies. You will have to sign in to 123moviesHub before you can stream videos. This platform has a great collection of movies and TV shows which you can access freely. If you do not sign up, you will be allowed to watch trailers only. The website has a simple interface that lets you quickly get to any movie and also movies and TV shows are easily categorized for easy navigation. A search bar is located at the homepage which will help you get straight to your desired movie.

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