Coolest Android Games to Play in April 2020 | CHECK NOW

When you are talking about coolest Android games to play in April 2020, you should at least know that Google Play store got you covered. there are lots of games available for you to play in the Google Play store, but sometimes finding the coolest among the thousands of games available on the play store is sometimes not so easy. Well in this article I will be giving some hints on how to get the best games on Google play store and coolest Android games to play in April 2020.

Coolest Android Games to Play in April 2020 | CHECK NOW

As this April vacation begins, there will be lots of kids with Android devices would surf the web in search of the best games they could find this April. That is why I will be given the best available games of all categories that you could play. They include Finest racing games, puzzle, adventure, arcade and a lot more.

Acquiring the Games from The Appstore

Acquiring some games from the apple store might cost you only your data bandwidth, but others cost you real money. If you have never purchased any game from the play store before you might think that it is not worth your money, but actually it does. Most games available on the play store for purchase always grants you access to the best gaming experience or a really high graphic definition and a dope storyline. Even most free games with a nice storyline or high definition graphics always come with one downside. It is either you have to purchase something very important with money or the game is in demo mode. But sometimes you can also get the best out of free games without purchasing them with real money.

With this upcoming holiday surfing the play store would be interesting, but why don’t you let me give you all the best games available for April 2020. If you are interested, read on and you would be amazed at the games you would find.

Coolest Android Games to Play in April 2020

Below I will be giving you some of the coolest games you could play this April. The games I will be giving you are games that comprise of all categories and trust they are really interesting to play.


  • Summer catchers

This game offers a distinctive and inexorably tense on the endless runner. The aim of the game character is to reach the sunny climes in a rickety wooden cart with ferocious creatures and obstacles on her way.

  • Tabletop racing

It offers you a high-speed racer experience. You are giving the task of guiding tiny cars around circuits in form of household objects. The game is more like the famous Mario kart.

  • Grid Autosport

It is an amazing racer game. Grid Autosport is a challenging android game

  • Repulze

This game is a futuristic game where racers get to race in a hovercraft driving at an insanely high speed. With lots of improvements, roller coasters, some other amazing kind of tracks.

Rush rally

An amazing rally game designed to give you the best rally racing experience

  • Riptide GP.
  • Mini motor racing.
  • Need for speed hot pursuit and more.


  • The white door.
  • Her story.
  • Oceanhorn.
  • Minit.
  • Samorost.
  • Love you to bits.
  • 80 days.
  • Milkmaid of the milky way.


  • Dig dog.
  • Jumpgrid.
  • Vectronom.
  • Witcheye.
  • Forget-me-not.
  • Captain cowboy.
  • Solar explorer.
  • Power hover.

These games are some of the top best games to play in April 2020.

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