Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices


This content would be giving you the Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices. It has never been so easy for Android users to share files, links, photos, and more with other Android users as it has been on iPhones. If you have been making use of an iPhone, then you should know about the Airdrop feature that lets you seamlessly send almost anything you want to send to other nearby Apple devices using just a few taps and slides. To make sure Android devices are not lacking behind, Google the Maker of Android decided to make their own sharing feature called the Nearby Share.

Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices

This app is not so popular among many Android users since they have grown fond of making use of other share apps like Xender and the likes. But if you want to make use of Nearby Share, then you need to know what it is first. Nearby Share searches for devices that are within close proximity, then it selects a protocol to use depending on what you are sending and what your connectivity is like. For example, it will make use of a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi if you are completely offline, but it has other sharing protocols that include Bluetooth, WebRTC, Hotspot, and more.

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Does Your Android Device Support Nearby Share?

This feature is certainly a nice one, but if you are really curious to know if your smartphone supports Nearby share, then let me answer your question. Nearby share was designed to work on a smartphone that supports Android 6.0 or higher, which is the operating system that was developed in the year 2015. So, if you are making use of a phone that was produced in 2015 or newer, then you stand a chance of making use of the Nearby share feature.

Currently, this feature is found on Google pixels and Samsung galaxy smartphones, but Googles says that since the feature is a part of their Play services, you do not need to wait for an over-the-air update from your manufacturer or carrier to get it. If you want to know if the service is available on your smartphone, you can manually force your google play service to update.

How to Turn on Nearby Share

Turning it on is not so complicated, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps I would be giving you below. They include:

  • Go to your phone settings menu
  • Scroll down to Google, then tap on Device connections
  • In this section, you would find Nearby share.

If you cannot find it there, then it is not yet in your smartphone. You can also locate the app through Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Nearby Share, but in this process, you might get confused based on the difference of your smartphone menu.

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Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices

Now to the point, we have all been waiting for, Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices. Whenever you which to share something with a friend or a family member nearby, just simply:

  • Tap the share button
  • Then from the menu, tap Nearby share.
  • With this, your smartphone would start searching for nearby devices.
  • The person you want to share the file with needs to be relatively close, and they need to tap on the pop-up notification to become visible to you.
  • You and the person that you are sharing stuff with may get a prompt to turn on Bluetooth and location if they aren’t one already.
  • Once they are visible, tap the name of the device (they would need to accept), and that is it.

With this, the sharing process would begin just within a matter of time, depending on what you are sharing or the size of what you are sharing. And that is the Complete Guide on How to Use Nearby Share on Android Devices.

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