Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on iPhone 2020


If a Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on the iPhone is what you are looking for, then expect it from this content. Are you having trouble with space on your iPhone? Do you want to take a photo, or install an app and you cannot because your storage is filled? Well, you do not have to worry for long because if space is what you are looking for, then you need to check out this content because it would be helping you with steps on how to do that.

Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on iPhone 2020

When it comes to a shortage of storage, most iPhone users are not new to it. A lot of iPhone users often get their smartphones filled with apps, music, photos, and videos which probably lead to running out of space. This mostly affects iPhone with low storage like 16Gb. Well, if you have been facing this issue for quite some time now, then you do not have to worry anymore because this content would be giving you important information on how a Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on iPhone. You need to trust and read through this content because it would be giving you every detail on how to get the best out of every last megabyte and freeing up space for some apps and photos.

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Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on iPhone

Below, you would find the best and Complete Guide on How to Free up Space on iPhone.

Delete Unused and Large apps

This is basically common sense, to remove an app, pick one from the list at the bottom of the iPhone storage screen, then tap the delete app icon. While you are still on the screen, scroll through to see if you have any app that is not useful to you, then delete it.

Enable Recommendations

Go through your iPhone to see if there is any available recommendation in the storage menu and make sure to enable them. Apple periodically sends you storage-saving tips and the recommendations shown will change depending on your usage. All you have to is click enable and turn on the recommended option.

Delete old podcasts

For you to delete a podcast, go to your iPhone storage > Podcasts and then click Edit below the screen. Then click on the red minus sign next to a podcast and then the delete icon that appears. Once you delete a podcast, all the episodes will be removed from your phone storage.

Store Photos on the Cloud

Saving your images to the cloud is not so complicating, all you have to do is to go to settings> photos > iCloud photos. Make sure that the slider right next to the iCloud photos is green. Once you enable this, all your photos would automatically be uploaded to Apple’s cloud storage. You do not have to worry about browsing, editing, and sharing your photos at any time because it is still very possible.

Offload large apps

For you to offload an app, tap on the app you want to offload from the iPhone storage screen, and then click Offload App. This helps you to reduce the size of the app without having to lose any document or data of the app.

Delete Music you Downloaded

To delete music, just go to the iPhone storage > Music and tap Edit. This would help you delete all your songs, tap on the red minus sign next to the “All songs” option and then tap delete. You are also free to delete individual artists just by tapping the red minus sign, then the delete icon.

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Make Sure Streaming Photo is off

Turning off your streaming photo would not take a lot of your time, all you have to do is, go to settings>photos, then tap off the upload to my photostream icon. When it is grey it is off.

Save only HDR-Quality photos

You can save your space by going to settings> camera and toggling the keep Normal photo button off. When you take a picture with your iPhone, it saves two different pictures, one with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the normally exposed one. HDR combines three of the best exposures to give you the one with the best color and details.

Delete Messages Automatically

You can set your iPhone to delete messages Automatically by going to settings > Messages. Under messages History, click on keep Messages, then choose either 30 Days or 1 year. Tap on delete then Confirmation dialog box.

Delete content stored in Messages

You can your content manually by going to settings > general > iPhone storage > Messages. The content is created under five different categories: Top conversation, photos, videos, GIFs and Stickers, and others. Each of the categories would display the total size of all the files. From there you can select the one you want to delete.

With these steps stated above, you can free up space on your iPhone for more photos and apps. If you feel this is not enough, feel free to make more research on how to free up more space on your iPhone and you might still find more ways to free up space.

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