10 of the Best Websites to Download MP3 Songs for Free | No. 6’s My Favourite


If you love music and love to own them, this content will give you the 10 best websites to download mp3 songs for free. Do you get your music by buying CDs? You might probably be looking for ways to download new songs or get old favourite songs that are lost back without spending a dime. Do you need a site where you can download free mp3 music? then this article is here to help you.

10 of the Best Websites to Download MP3 Songs for Free | No. 6's My Favourite

you will be amazed at the number of music download sites available online. The good thing about these sights is that there are ways you can discover new songs and incredible playlists for your leisure. The best thing about these sights is that they are free, amazing right?

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Top Ten best websites to download mp3 songs for free

The internet is open to a lot of things and free music download is one of them. To be the best website means it has to be legal and free so we have created a good list of websites for you. Below is the list of best websites:

1. ReverbNation

this is one of the best websites which offers free music download with a variety of genres but well known for hip-pop, alternative, and pop. The website accommodates almost 4 million labels, artists and users, providing a great experience to lovers of music through its impressive catalogue. You can discover more via the website’s Discover section.

2. SoundClick

you can download music directly from different artists’ websites. Several artists are on the platform offering free music. You can explore a huge collection of songs according to your genres. You can download or stream them once you have signed up to the website.

3. Amazon Music

this website offers a ton of free music downloads. If you have downloaded a few free mp3 kinds of music from the download section, you can take them anywhere and play them online. Visit the company’s free music page in the digital music section and you will see songs for download, you also need a regular Amazon account to download these songs.

4. Audiomack

this was founded in 2012 as a means to let artists share songs and albums for free. This site is popular for hip hop and rap culture. Audiomack is free to use and offers online playback of songs on Android and IOS apps.

5. Jamendo

Jamendo has been offering music downloads for free for a very long time. Creators of these songs do not mind if you are downloading this music for your leisure. However, the music here is all independent music. Songs uploaded at Jamendo are protected by Creative Commons license.

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free streaming service but lots of artists allow free downloads too. If the artists have enabled it, search around and you will see a free music download option. You can search for songs through artist tags or bands located in the search bar. Not all songs on SoundCloud are free, but many of them can be downloaded by hitting free download below the soundtrack.

7. Free Music Archive

downloaded in 2009 for project creators to find royalty-free music to include in their creative projects. The music available on the Free Music Archive is free for your personal use. It has categories easy to browse so you can find exactly the kind of music you want. Tons of music is available to download from artists around the world.

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8. NoiseTrade

it is a streaming service for independent artists and music fans. It is entirely free for both artists and fans and it includes streaming and downloading. The site drives at promoting indie artists by helping them understand where listeners reside.  You can sign up with an email address and enter their ZIP code to access free downloads.

9. Internet Archive

this website offers free music and brings podcasts, audiobooks, and live music. You can download music safely and free in multiple file formats like OGG.

10. Sound owl

this is a simple website that allows bloggers and gives artists opportunities both old and new to share their songs with the world. The website has a shuffle feature that lets you discover incredible new songs. It allows you to either stream songs online or easily download songs on your device and listen to them offline.

These websites will give you access to MP3 songs for free which you can listen to offline as well.  You can choose from any of these websites to get a free MP3 song. There is a shuffle feature that gives you the opportunity to discover new songs. You can either stream songs online or easily download them on your device so you can play them offline.

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