Top 10 Best 2020 Offline Games for Android & iOS Devices | No. 2 is My Favourite


A lot is coming to Android and iOS devices, from great cameras to amazing games, what more could you ask for. There are a lot of interesting games coming in Android devices now, and they would really amaze you. By now you should have known that the best games to play on Android devices usually requires Bandwidth, and not everyone has constant access to that. So, if you really want to enjoy offline gaming on your smartphone, you should check out my list of the Best 2020 Offline Games for Android & iOS Devices.

Top 10 Best 2020 Offline Games for Android & iOS Devices | No. 2 is My Favourite

Android and iOS are really an amazing place to play some very cool games. I have had my own share of interesting games, and I would not want you to miss out too. So, I would be giving you the best action and interesting games to play on Android and iOS Devices.

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Best 2020 Offline Games for Android & iOS Devices

1. Smash Hit

Smash hit is an amazing game that was developed for people that has an interesting interest for games. this game totally makes the running game fun. This game would be taking you through dimension smashing through the glass.

2. Last Arrows

This game is published by RedSugar on Google play store and iOS App store. That game features an archer killing monsters in the forest. The game offers you several game modes.

3. Epic conquest

This game sets off with a fictional story that demons poured into the realm of humans and wants to take over everywhere. Their invasion would begin, and you would be granted the power to stop them. The game features you fighting demons and clearing the waves with the help of Magical skills.

4. Monolithic

This game is another game that blends with the classic Tetris game and the board Jenga into a simple game that would keep you hooked. The aim of the game is to create a tower that is robust enough to survive a mini earthquake.

5. Non-Stop Knight

The nonstop night is an amazing popular Idle action RPG where you would be playing as a Knight who hunts the wraiths and bosses in deadly dungeons. The game features a Knight attacking the enemies automatically.

6. Badland

Most games usually try hard to develop a sense of tension. Talk of well-thought storylines, scenes, and things like sound effects that evoke emotions gamers. The game features you controlling a bird through a badly scattered land.

7. Heroes of Might and Magic III – HD Edition

Ever since this game was released in the year 1999, the games have really become a big deal to most of its players. This game is set on a strategy game that will immerse you into an amazing fictitious and interesting world.

8. Oceanhorn-Monster of Uncharted Seas

Are you a fan of the Zelda games on Nintendo? The game developer has admitted that ocean horn is more like the iOS version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild which has made its name among Nintendo enthusiasts.

9. The Escapists

Are you a big fan of a prison break, then you would definitely like the Escapists? The game takes gameplay from other games like Minecraft.

10. West gunfighter

This game would be taking you to the west as a cowboy, where you would be fighting bandits in dark matches, riding horses and more. That game has a lot of interesting missions to complete.

So, this is my list of the Best 2020 Offline Games for Android & iOS Devices. There are definitely more interests and even better online games to play, but this is according to my list. Feel free to make your own list.

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