Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix to Watch this Year 2020 | CHECK NOW


Looking for the best movies on Netflix to watch this year? Then you’ve come to the right place. Netflix is an American based online movie and TV shows streaming platform which is used all across the globe by different subscribers. The online streaming app is one ever-present destination for several people with various movie tastes as it has a wide range of categories to select from that there is literally always a movie for every mood and it is sure to provide you with the best movies on the App to watch this year.

Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix to Watch this Year 2020 | CHECK NOW

With thousands of movies which cuts across categories such as Drama, Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Documentary, Action and lots more as well as the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows you as a subscriber, can never run out of movies to watch because the app is updated frequently as soon as new movies or TV shows are released.

Best Movies on Netflix to Watch This Year

However, the host of movies to select from tends to leave you looking like a kid in a large candy store such that you are so excited with all the options you are seeing but can barely be composed enough to pick one that suits the mood or occasion. With the compiled list of best movies on Netflix to watch this year, it should not be a hard task anymore to find a movie that is suitable and enjoyable. The following are the movies selected to ease that daunting task of looking for movies;

  1. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

  2. All the Bright Places

  3. National Treasure

  4. Good Time

  5. Inception

  6. Steve Jobs

  7. Marriage Story

  8. Black Panther

  9. A Ghost Story

  10. The Irishman

These are a few of the best movies on Netflix to watch this year and it is the collection of Netflix Original movies to Classics to Popular Now. Therefore, with this list in addition to the accurate suggestion list which Netflix displays to subscribers, you are sure to find the best movies to watch on the online streaming app this year.

They’re also a rollout of new features on the bounce of the released feature last year which allowed subscribers the permission to disable the auto-play feature. This new feature added to the online streaming app is the new row of “top 10” movies to watch right now. It is a list that is based on what other Netflix subscribers within your location is watching hence it is quite helpful in keeping you up to date with what others are watching in and around your location.


The best movies to watch on Netflix this year are basically a list which is compiled to guide subscribers based on the ratings and reviews and this movie includes those that Netflix produced as well as those that the streaming giant acquired for distribution. So bear in mind, this has been selectively picked to suit the taste of the subscribers.


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