7 Best Games to Play on an Android & iOS Phone for Free

The best things in life do not come for free. Well, except they are free games and on your phone’s designated App Store such as Google Play Store, you can get the best games to play on the phone for free. The most popular games in your phone respective App Store are almost always free to play and with the in-app purchases as well as advertisements, developers earn the needed financial support.

7 Best Games to Play on an Android & iOS Phone for Free

Features of the Best Free Games on Phone

The feeling of getting a free game that you can play on your phone without having to worry about any payment of sort is quite satisfactory. Except if the game is not so great and you have spent time in downloading and playing the game. Fortunately, there are plenty of free games with amazing features that can be played on your mobile devices. Some of these features are;

  • They provide the best gameplay
  • Little or no ads interruption during gameplay
  • They can be played without the need for internet connection as these games are mostly played in offline mode.
  • Low rate of engagement with in-app purchases hence they are almost free
  • They possess favorable sizes as such they do not take up your phone storage space

Best Free Phone Games for Android & iOS Users

We all know that free games to play on the phone are not always entirely free these days. However, whether you are into puzzles or platformers, racing, endless runners, sports games, word games and so on, there is always a free game you can download on your phone and enjoy playing it comfortably without having to worry about engaging in too many in-app purchases. Some of the best games you can play on your phone for free are listed below;

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

  2. Call Of Duty mobile

  3. EA Sport games

  4. Nintendo games

  5. Pokemon Go

  6. PUBG mobile

  7. Vainglory

Basically, these games mentioned above are the best games that can be played on the phone for free with minimal or low engagement with in-app purchases. These games are available in the phone’s respective App Stores for download. The best games which have been highlighted above offers the best gameplay and good value for your time.

You might as well be into game development and if you are following the current development in the gaming industry, mobile gaming, that is games you can play on the phone should be on your radar because it makes up about half of the gaming revenue. Therefore, the best free games for mobile devices mentioned could be observed and as a developer be able to predict the path along which games you can play on the phone is evolving towards.

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