5 of the Best FIFA 20 Players Listed by Positions | CHECK NOW


FIFA 20 came out with some features, and it came with some of the best game modes for soccer so far. If you are a fan of FIFA, you should want to know the Best FIFA 20 Players by Positions in 2020. When the game came out, some new player system morale came along with it, and some tweaks incredible tweaks to the game also came. A lot remained unchanged, and looking at that, I have taken my time to piece together the best players by position for FIFA 20.

5 of the Best FIFA 20 Players Listed by Positions | CHECK NOW
5 of the Best FIFA 20 Players Listed by Positions | CHECK NOW

This list was released by EA sports last year. It doesn’t include any special cards such as icon players, or cards that will be released later, like team of the season and team player of the year. In this content, the best cards in FIFA 20 has been separated, and have been ordered by positions.

Best FIFA 20 Players by Position

Below is the list of the Best FIFA 20 Players by Position. If you are really interested with this list, check it out and you would be amazed.


1. Oblak

Jan Oblak is the Atletico Madrid keeper, and has the title of the best Keeper in FIFA 20. He was highly rated because of his high handling and positioning skills.

2. Ter Stegen

This is the German Marc-Andre ter Stegen is the Barcelona Goal Keeper. He is recognized for his reflexes.

3. Alisson

He happens to be one of the best goal keepers in FIFA 20 and the second-best Brazilian player. For the second-best Brazilian player to be a keeper, you should know that he is really good

4. De Gea

This keeper is the Spanish goal keeper who is from Manchester united. He won the previous title as the best keeper of the year in FIFA. He is really good.

5. Neuer

Manuel Neuer is already getting old, but still has the title of one of the best Keepers. He is the goal keeper for Bayern Munchen.


1. Jordi Alba

Jordi alba happens to be the fastest full back on this list and he if from Barcelona. He may not be tall enough for the tallest attackers, but he is only 30-year-old.

2. Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is the only right back on this list. He has a really interesting offensive stat. He can also stand as a mid-fielder.

3. Marcelo

Marcel o remains one of the most skillful in soccer. His dribbling rated at 89 will always guarantee a successful attack.

4. Robertson

Andrew Robertson was the best left back as of the last season. He is an all-around full back, and he does his best in attack, crossing and powerful balls made to strikers.

5. Alex Sandro

This is another all-around back but more physical than Robertson. He is one player that can last a full game, supporting the attack and helping on defense.


1. Van Dijk

Virgil Van Dijk is the best defender from the previous season. Players find it very difficult to dribble him.

2. Sergio Ramos

Ramos disrupts the adversary attack and is one of the best scoring centerbacks in the game. He also has great passes delivers very well.

3. Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini is one of the oldest players on this list do far. he remains one of the best Juventus defenders.

4. Koulibaly

Kalidou Koulibaly, this defender is one of the mots physical defender on this list, and a good asset for free kicks or corners due to his height.

5. Pique

Gerard Pique is a great defender in Barcelona, and is recognized for his amazing tackling skill.

Central Midfielders

1. Modric

This player almost led his country Croatia to the title of the last FIFA world cup winners. Modric remains one of the classiest midfielders in FIFA.

2. Kante

N’Golo Kante does not stop chasing his adversary even when the game is about to come to an end. he is like one of the main men in the midfield.

3. Busquets

This player is like the pillar of Barcelona midfield. He is the slowest player in this list, but still delivers.

4. Kroos

This player is very precise when it comes to passing and is unlikely to miss more than one pass in the entire game.

5. Pogba

Pogba is recognized to be the most skilled players on the roster. Pogba always does his best to create plays.

Central Attacking Midfielders

1. Kevin De Bruyne

This player is a strong central attacking midfielder. This player is recognized for his long-distance shots and through passes.

2. Eriksen

This player is another interesting premier league player, but with a totally different characteristic. This player has a powerful option for set pieces.

3. Reus

Marco Rues is one of the best when it comes to Bundesliga and FIFA. His high pace allows you to attack constantly, but you would likely need to substitute him not to have an injured player on the field.

4. David Silva

Silva is not a fast player, but he has the vision for passing skills to create the right plays for your striker.

5. Dybala

Dybala is a great midfielder from Juventus, and he has a great stat.


1. Messi

This player has been one of the best players in the world for the past 10 years, and with him on your team, expect a high chance of victory.

2. Neymar

Neymar is a very skillful player, and can be very deadly with both legs, so that makes him one of the most powerful weapons to have on attack.

3. Hazard

The Belgian In Real Madrid is a great player with impressive dribbling skills.

4. Salah

Salah the Liverpool winger is one of the best when it comes to scoring goals.

5. Sterling

This player has really evolved a lot, and has become one of the goal machines in premier league.

6. Mane

This player is like the best player in Liverpool, if you remove salah. He is one of the fastest wingers in the game, so he does not require any substitution for the second half.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo

You certainly must recognize Ronaldo as one of the most lethal strikers on the field, whether it’s shooting the ball or heading.

2. Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is by far one of the youngest strikers on this list, and he happens to be the second best striker, even surpassing Aubameyang, who held that spot for years.

3. Aguero

Kun Aguero is one of the best players in FIFA when it comes to a one-vs-one against the goalkeeper. He also has great shooting skills and makes it easy to nail all the scoring chance.

4. Lewandowski

This Bayern Munchen man is one of the best players from the former famous trio with arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

5. Kane

Harry Kane is a bit slower when it comes to passing skills. But he forms a great duo with Christian Eriksen.

And that is the Best FIFA 20 Players by Position. There are definitely more players by position on my list, but these are the top 5 best for position.


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