10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps | No. 6’s My Favorite


if you want to take some interesting pics and your smartphone camera is not very functional, then check out the 10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps. Some of the Camera app on this platform comes with great functionality that would really interest you. They would really help you capture some nice memories, and make it look better.

10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps | No. 6's My Favorite

Currently, a lot of people see their smartphones as their best friends, and because of that, most smartphones coming out currently focus on making a better camera, especially more expensive smartphones. But if your smartphone camera does not function or edit pictures the way you want it to, or you have issues with the Camera setting expect all the solutions you need with the 10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps I would be giving you in this content.

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10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps

Below, I would be interesting you with a list of the 10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps, so just sit back and relax while you read through this list. they include:

1. Google Camera

Google the main man in the Tech industry has laid its experience in creating their own camera apps too. The app they created came with some remarkable features just as it was expected to do. The vivid features and the futuristic picture quality would draw all the photography lovers to the google Camera Android app. This app is the best free camera app available right now.

2. Camera MX

If you are looking for an interesting camera app application in the Android Camera applications, then check out Camera MX. This app provides so many interesting features that would really delight all users. It has an interesting Autofocusing feature, customizable JPEG quality, and multi-resolution supports. this is just a tip of the iceberg for the features it possesses.

3. Open Camera

The open camera is an app that was created with a lot of effort and serious work. the app is filled with an interesting feature that you might not even find on another camera app. Remote capture and auto stabilizations are some of the features that Guarantee high quality while using the camera.

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4. Pixtica

Pixtica is designed to keep us with the pace of the world today. This app is designed to be very functional and the best mate to even beginners. With its impulsive and fast techniques, Pixtica will reward you with perfect pictures for perfect moments.

5. HedgeCam 2

HedgeCam is an android camera app that was evolved from the open camera source code. This camera app is very popular among other camera apps because of the amazing features it possesses.

6. Camera 360

This is the best selfie camera application for all lovers of Selfie. Face beautification and makeup edit has made the app so popular among younger age group. This app was designed mostly for fun and taking pictures with cute and funny stickers.

7. Footej Camera

This app offers all its users an entirely new experience with its advanced features and brand-new appearance. The app defeats the wants of the users and gives them the best experience they would ever get to feel using a camera app. This app comes with some incredible features that include slow-motion video recording, animated GIFs, selfie light, panorama mode and HDR+ are some more interesting features to add to the list.

8. Camera FV-5

This app is one of the best HD camera apps for android as it offers similar controls to DSLR. Professionalism is brought into mobile photography via this app. Almost all the features this app has can be adjusted manually.

9. Cymera

The app is an exclusive Selfie Camera app for Android devices. The amazing photo filters and photo editing option will give your photos a whole new makeover. This app is very entertaining, plus it comes with so many features and effects.

10. VSCO

VSCO would give the photos you take a different kind of touch. The editing with this app would offer you picture a higher level of perfection. The VSCO presets would give you an entirely new editing experience and offer you the best photos you ever which to take.

And this is my list of the 10 of the Best 2020 Android Camera Apps. There are definitely more incredible apps to try out, but the ones on my list are the best app I have seen so far and tested. So, do not hesitate to try them out yourself.

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