Top 15 AAA Games to Play on Android and iOS Devices | No. 11 is My Favorite


Currently, there are lots of amazing games available to play on both Android and iOS devices, but finding the best might be a challenge for you which is why I took out time to create a list of Top 15 AAA Games to Play on Android and iOS Devices. If really take note of games, then you should have found out that game companies making games for mobile devices have decided to make more demanding and high definition games for Android and iOS devices.

Top 15 AAA Games to Play on Android and iOS Devices | No. 11 is My Favorite

Most of these AAA games require phones with high Processing Ram to run, and they are really taking over mobile gaming. A lot of people playing games on their mobile devices are tired of hanging around playing regular low demanding games because they do not get mainly what they want. Because of that, most of them go for top games which have really proven to be better and have attracted a lot of downloads. With that stated, if you have been looking forward to top AAA games on your mobile device, whether Android or iOS, then finish up this article.

Top 15 AAA Games to Play on Android and iOS Devices

1. PUBG Mobile

If you have been playing a lot of AAA games recently, then you probably should have heard of PUBG mobile. The game happens to be one of the best games of last year, having generated millions of downloads from the Playstore alone. The game is a shooter game with different amazing modes, one of which is a battle royale made of 100 players being dropped off at an island. In the game, players get to upgrade their characters level and purchase new clothes and items.

2. eFootball PES 2020

eFootball PES 2020 is amazing gaming that is worth topping this list. The game features a campaign mode which is very interesting to play, and an online PvP mode. This game is by far the best soccer game both on android and iOS devices. You get to use upgraded players and even legendary players like Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and more. If you pay more attention to the game you would find out there is more to the game.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Here is another top amazing shooter game both on Mobile and every other gaming console that have it. Call of duty mobile is an amazing top graphics mobile shooter game that has gotten a lot of players glued to their screen. The game has similar game modes to that of PUBG mobile. It has a 5 on 5 game mode, battle royale and more. The call of duty is one of the best if not the best battle royale game you could find on any mobile device.

4. FIFA Mobile

FIFA mobile is a great casual game for players who are looking forward to great soccer gaming on Android and iOS devices. The game is an amazing AAA game that has lots of amazing game modes like leagues and more. This game is an amazing soccer game to play on your smartphone if you are looking forward to a basic FIFA soccer experience. With FIFA mobile you get an amazing experience since you get to trade players, unlock players, and compete in various scenarios. You even get to play online with other online players in an H2H mode.

5. Mortal Kombat X

To all the Mortal Kombat fans, Mortal Kombat X happens to be one of the best violent ones on gameplay available on the mobile device. the game gives you the option to play multiple game modes, and even compete online with other online players. The game has lots of characters and Character skins to unlock and choose from. So, if you are looking for a violent AAA game then you are looking for Mortal Kombat X.

6. Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are looking for the best racing game on both android and iOS devices then you’ve got it. Gameloft has never failed to wow the fans with amazing racing game. Asphalt 9 is everything you asked for, it features a lot of amazing real-life cars and dope locations to race on. If you have played Asphalt 8: airborne, the multiply the experience by 2, that is what you get from Asphalt 9.

7. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun legends is principally a first-person shooter game where players are given the task of saving the entire humankind from alien invaders. The title from Mad finger games features a huge single-player campaign, co-op mode and PvsP battles, offering everyone something. The game also has a few RPG elements, all thanks to the customization option the creators of the game included.

8. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is an amazing arcade racer that follows the adventures of a Hydrojet racer who wants to get back into the Riptide GP series. The player is required to compete in a series of event in the single-player campaign in other to unlock new vehicles and characters. The best part of the game is that you get to take the competition online.

9. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 goes after the footstep of the original but still manages to carve out a niche for itself. The game entails you helping a mother and a daughter by solving environmental puzzles. The game possesses amazing crafted visuals, slick controls and immersive sound which makes playing monument valley 2 an absolute joy.

10. Fortnite

Definitely, this list would not be complete with Fortnite on it, and this game definitely does not require a lot of introduction. Fortnite is an amazing battle royale game that has amassed over 125 million players from all over the world. Fortnite gameplay is similar to every other battle royale game, except it possesses an extra feature which is the option to build blockade to protect yourself. The game also features a lot of beautifully and creatively customized characters that got a lot of players into the game.

11. Limbo

When it comes to amazing puzzle games on mobile devices, you should be looking at Limbo. It happens to be one of the best @D sidescrollers available for android and iOS devices. The game allows the player to Navigate dangerous puzzles to help the unidentifiable protagonists who are in search of his sister.

12. Modern Combat 5

This game is considered to be one of the best FPS games on android and iOS devices. it has similar gameplay to Call of Duty mobile. The game gives you a customized character, campaign mode and more. the game also has a multiplayer feature making it more fun to play. This game has won a lot of awards telling you how fun the game can be.

13. Shadow Fight 3

If you are looking for a Mortal Kombat style game with similar mechanics, then you are looking for shadow fight 3. The game is the third instalment in the series. The game features enough violent fighting and more, you get to fight using weapons and magic. It has a storyline and an online PvP that would really wow you.

14. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is another amazing fighting game that gets you fighting using the famous DC Comics characters. The game has a lot of amazing modes, one of is a story mode. The game has millions of players glued to their screen playing. It even has an online PvP mode where you get to compete with other online players and win awards. Injustice 2 is more like the part 2 version of the injustice 2 on gaming consoles which is also fun to play.

15. Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

This is another amazing assassin’s creed game created for mobile devices, but this one is more like a fallout shelter lookalike instead of the action-packed mobile version of the popular franchise. The game gives you your own assassin Brotherhood along with headquarters that you can upgrade and expand. the game has a lot of missions to play, lots of upgrades to unlock, limited events, unique prizes, gears to craft and more. It has a cartoony visual, but perfect for a game like this one.

These games are Top AAA games to play on Android and iOS devices. Plus, they are really fun, and each and every one of these games can get you glues to your mobile device for a long time. There are also other amazing games like Republique, Asphalt 8: airborne, shadow fight 2 and more.


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